Flix in Five Minutes

Classification Description
Paradigm multi-paradigm: functional, logic
Typing discipline static, strong, safe, nominative
Type inference local Hindley-Milner
Type annotations locally inferred, mandatory at top-level
Evaluation mode compilation to bytecode + interpretation
Evaluation order strict, call-by-value
Functions pure (side-effect free), total
Scope lexical scope
Fixedpoint Solver bottom-up, parallel
Syntax inspired by Scala, Python, OCaml, Datalog
Library inspired by Scala, Haskell
Platform Java / JVM 1.8+
Implementation language Scala
License Apache 2.0

Unsupported Features

By design Flix does not, and probably never will, support the following features:

Null. Programming languages, such as Java and C#, allows the special value null to be assigned to any type. This unfortunate design choice leads to code littered with if (x == null) checks or runs the risk causing NullPointerExceptions. Flix avoids this issue by requiring possible absent values to be represented by the Option data type.

Sub-Typing. Flix has powerful Hindley-Milner type inference, but not sub-typing.

Implicit Coercions. Flix does not automatically convert values between types. For example, integers are not silently converted to booleans or strings.

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