The Flix Programming Language

Welcome to the official documentation of the Flix programming language.

Flix is a functional and logic programming language for fixpoint computations on lattices.

Flix is heavily inspired by the Datalog language, but extends its expressive power by adding support for user-defined lattices and operations on them. The primary use case of Flix is for development and implementation of scalable static analysis tools, especially points-to analysis and dataflow analysis. As a special case, Flix can be used as a general-purpose Datalog solver.

Unlike general-purpose languages such as C++ and Java, Flix is a special-purpose (domain-specific) programming language. Flix is intended for (recursive) constraints on relations and lattices: You cannot write a web server or a video game in Flix. Instead, a Flix program is a set of facts and a set of constraints (rules) for deriving new facts. The computation of a Flix programs determines all possible facts that can be derived from the initial facts and the constraints.

Flix comes with great tool support, including integrated debugger and profiler, delta debugging, quick checking, and a verifier for lattice properties.

NB: Flix is still under major development and the language is expected to change.

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