Syntax Highlighting

Flix currently has limited IDE support, but it is possible to get syntax highlighting.

IntelliJ IDEA

Locate your IntelliJ config directory. Depending on the version, it could be something like ~/.IdeaIC14/config. Then create the file $INTELLIJCONFIG/filetypes/Flix.xml with the content:

<filetype binary="false" description="The Flix Language" name="Flix">
      <option name="LINE_COMMENT" value="//" />
      <option name="COMMENT_START" value="/*" />
      <option name="COMMENT_END" value="*/" />
      <option name="HEX_PREFIX" value="" />
      <option name="NUM_POSTFIXES" value="" />
      <option name="HAS_BRACES" value="true" />
      <option name="HAS_BRACKETS" value="true" />
      <option name="HAS_PARENS" value="true" />
    <keywords keywords="assert;case;def;else;enum;if;in;index;lat;
    let;match;namespace;print;rel;type;val;with" ignore_case="false" />
    <mapping ext="flix" />

Restart IntelliJ IDEA.

If syntax highlighting doesn't work, then follow these steps:

  • Go to File > Settings > Editor > File Types.
  • Press the "green plus" icon on the right to add a new filetype.
  • Enter the following:
    • Name: Flix. Description: The Flix Language.
    • Line comment: //.
    • Block comment start: /*. Block comment end: */.
    • Check support paired braces, paired parens, and paired brackets.
    • Add the following keywords:
      • assert, case, def, else, enum, if, in, index, lat, let, match, namespace, print, rel, val, with.
  • Press OK.


Create the file ~/.vim/ftdetect/flix.vim with the content:

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.flix set filetype=flix

Create the file ~/.vim/syntax/flix.vim with the content:

if exists("b:current_syntax")

syn keyword keywords assert case def else enum if in index lat
syn keyword keywords let match namespace print rel val with

let b:current_syntax = "flix"

hi def link keywords Statement

Ensure that your ~/.vimrc file contains at least the following:

source ~/.vim/syntax/flix.vim
source ~/.vim/ftdetect/flix.vim
syntax on

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